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For years, residents of West Hurley and nearby towns like Woodstock were accustomed to doing their grocery shopping at the northeast icon, the Grand Union Supermarket. The store was dated and the variety of services was limited. Customers needed more items and better quality products.

To the relief of shoppers, local businessman Bill Epstein, a Pharmacist by trade, and his wife Barbara, an RN, decided to expand the 2500 square-foot Hurley Ridge Market they had purchased in 1986 which was adjacent to their pharmacy on Route 375 in West Hurley, NY. The original expansion set the boundaries at 12,000 square-feet to include full service grocery needs as well as an in-store pharmacy. Some features included an in-store bakery, deli, fresh meat/seafood and produce departments. In 2002 the Epsteins added an additional 12,000 square-feet to create what is standing today. The second expansion allowed for more variety of grocery items, to include a full line of organic products, larger deli, bakery, meat/seafood, and produce departments. With all this, the Hurley Ridge Market was now able to fully cater to all of its customers needs.

Welcome to the Hurley Ridge Market.