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Potential In-App Services:

Alerts via Push Notification

 - instant or scheduled

 - wide-net or localized

Direct Dial Emergency Numbers

Local Medical Care Contacts

Integrated Police Messaging

In-App Radio

 - Local NOAA weather

 - local police, fire, ems

Local EMA Social Media

Power Outage Maps

First Aid Resources

Breaking Local News

Local Weather & Traffic

Local Closings & Delays

Local Emergency Shelters

Vital Alerts

 - law enforcement alerts

 - state & local alerts

 - Amber alerts

 - Terror alerts

Voice, Photo, Video report

Incident Report Form

Anonymous Tip Form

** Not all services are available in all areas.

The ability to communicate with

your community in a time of  emergency is critical to

successful response.

And helping them be prepared ahead of time is equally important.

Nothing provides emergency

management agencies with the ability to reach large numbers of people as quickly and as cost-effectively as a mobile app.

A mobile app from Media That Moves

is the tool and the resource

your agency has been looking for!