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The order receiving app can run on any Android or iOS device … from smart phone to tablet … and can be downloaded in the section above.

While an iPad will work if it’s dedicated to this task, the app is designed for an iPhone so looks a little small on the iPad.

Also, due to operating system differences and expense, an Android tablet with access to the Google Play Store is our preferred choice.

A 7-8” off-brand Android tablet may run for well under $80. A store-brand 10” tablet can run about $100. A premier 8-10” tablet can run $300 or more. Keep reliability in mind as you choose because your ability to receive orders depends on this tablet … and reliable WiFi.

Here are some quick recommendations. Please note that we do not recommend any particular vendor or product. These are simply suggestions of what can work. Please keep in mind that models change quickly and inventories vary.

Secure Tablet Stand:

Android Tablet:

Bluetooth Receipt Printer:

Order Receiving Hardware