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Mobile surveys are a great way engage your local customers, build your email marketing list and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

Invite your customers to participate in a survey that we’ll design with you, deliver great value (freebies, coupons, etc.) to those who complete the survey and deliver that value to them via email when they complete the claim form.

Invite your customers to rate your …

… virtually anything you can think of.

And when they do, give them a reason to come back and try your business again. Help them do that by delivering a coupon or a gift certificate by email.

In the process, you’ve captured their email address giving you another opportunity to reach them again and again with with great news about your business, your product and your service.

Contact us today to see how GoProSurveys can help you listen to your most valuable customers and grow your business at the same time.

GoProSurveys gives you a way to gather valuable feedback from your mobile customers while also adding them to your email marketing campaign. Direct integration with leading  email marketing tools is supported. Quote Request