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Network Marketing is about people helping people. As a leader in your business, you know how critical timely communication is to the growth and overall success of your business.

There simply is no better or more effective way to bring your messaging, your training, your leadership and your organization to the benefit of your entire business team than through a mobile app.

Emails don’t work today like they once did and text messaging trees are problematic. But a branded app that brings everything together to grown your team is far more effective and far more affordable than you might think.

Contact us today to see how we can build a mobile app that builds your brand and builds your team. Built by network marketers for network marketers.

Key Features for Team Leaders

Push Notifications - text messages delivered to every team member with your app. These are critical for delivering timely messages such meeting notices, changes & cancellations. Absolutely critical to successfully growing your business.

Geo-Fencing - allows team leadership to delivery push notifications to targeted geographic areas. Perfect for communicating and organizing at meetings and events.

On-Boarding & Training - getting your newest consultants and distributors started the right way and getting them started quickly is absolutely critical to their longevity in the business and to your success as a team. Putting all of the right training resources right in the palm of their hands is one powerful feature of your team’s mobile app.

Schedules - Your business revolves around scheduled events. From team calls to leadership calls to local business presentations, training events and conventions, keeping your entire team informed on the schedule of events is an important part of the leader’s task and your MLM Team Mobile App provides a simple and effective way to keep everyone current.

Call-in Numbers - from live calls to recorded calls, from webinars to live-streams … keeping numbers and links current and instantly available is a snap with your mobile app.

Event Reservations & Ticketing - If you’re running events, you know how challenging it can be to simplify the reservation and ticketing process. No matter what service you use, providing a brain-dead simple way to help your team register is a key feature in your team’s mobile app.

This short list just touches the surface of what’s possible in your team’s mobile app. From linking in training videos, inspirational and motivational messages to integrating an RSS feed with call replays, morning messages, team announcements, etc … it’s all in one place - the smart phone of every member of your team. Oh, and the app is free to download for everyone on your team!